Cold Sore Treatment

by Gregory Duffner

Posted on November 5, 2023

Our Cold Sore Treatment

We have a great treatment for cold sores. We use a laser in a process called PBM or Photo BioModulation. It’s quick and painless. It will help the cold sore heal faster. If we catch it early enough, we can often keep it from breaking out, and it may never come back!

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Once infected, the virus resides deep in the basil ganglia of the nerve cells. When the virus comes to the surface, it breaks out in a cold sore. If we treat the area in the prodromal phase (the early phase before it breaks out) there’s about a 75% chance that it will never come back. I’ve been using this technique for about five years now with great success. The treatment can also help with canker sores and burns. It works by using the visible light from the laser to jumpstart or energize the body’s healing process. It stimulates the mitochondria in the cell to increase metabolism and accelerate healing. It also has an analgesic or pain killing effect.

It’s important to treat the cold sore as soon as you feel it coming on. Call right away when you feel it coming on, and we will try to fit you in that same day.

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