by Gregory Duffner

Posted on January 6, 2020

Electric toothbrushes that are recommended by Dr. Duffner

I use an electric toothbrush from Sonicare.

Research shows that it cleans better than a manual brush and it causes less wear. That combination is very important to me. For many years I used an Oral-B Braun toothbrush. This also is a very good brush that cleans better than a manual brush and is also less abrasive. Both are good brushes. I would strongly recommend an electric brush.

We used to think that a poor quality brush would cause more tooth abrasion, but the studies on silica in toothpaste showed that the brush had little effect on the wear. A good quality, soft brush is still very important to prevent excessive gingival (gum) recession. That's another reason I like the Sonicare. It's up and down motion is how we teach our patients to use a manual brush.

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